PETITION: Return Prayer to Longwood City Meetings!

Return Prayer to Longwood City Meetings


On Monday, January 15th, on the eve of National Religious Freedom Day, Longwood Mayor Ben Paris and the entire City Commission voted to replace prayer with a moment of silence to open commission meetings. We respectfully request Mayor Paris and Commissioners Drummond, Morgan, Sackett and Shoemaker reverse this policy and reinstitute the opportunity for a prayer to open the meetings. Prayers need not be offered by any specific religion, or by a pastor. Prayers may be offered by a resident in attendance. Although the circumstances of any given meeting may vary, Longwood residents must be allowed to recognize the importance of faith in public service and be afforded the opportunity to express those beliefs at city council meetings. The vital role of faith in public life, and our nation's history of recognizing and protecting the free and public expression of religion, demands the Longwood City Commission reverse course.

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